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December 27, 2012

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As I am preparing to start my New Year’s retreat, I’m feeling uplifted and inspired about what’s unfolding for us in 2013! I feel that there’s such a sense of possibility for our spiritual awakening – more than I’ve ever felt before!

How would you like to take any and all the time, energy and $$$ you invest in making excuses, self-medication and self-sabotage in releasing those habits and replace them with ones that increase self-worth and self-Love?

I’ve learned that the most valuable thing in my life is my willingness to have an ever-increasing commitment to my spiritual practice. Making my relationship with Spirit the #1 relationship in my life has brought me profound healing. The key decision I made was:

I decided to no longer give myself permission to play small by avoiding and delaying developing the spiritual muscle to simply be loving.

I didn’t know HOW when I began, but that’s what revealed itself to me and I was able to lift myself out of my misery. And that’s what I share in my classes. This willingness to develop consistency and commitment is the gift that the folks who are enrolling in Masterful Living 2013 are giving themselves and I feel the inspiration building!!! This is the gift of a lifetime.

When I finally decided to make my spiritual practice my whole entire life and live with dedication everything shifted for me. Of course, it’s been challenging and it’s also been ABSOLUTELY THRILLING to realize just HOW SUCCESSFUL I can be! I never imagined it was possible.

Whether you feel inspired to join us or not – you sure don’t need my help at all – you CAN have amazing healing and get real lift off in your life! Do not delay! Why wait? There’s not one good reason to delay giving yourself the gift of living a life of profound inspiration, healing and peace. This IS your destiny.

Remember: If you think you can’t do it, you’re right. If you’re willing to think you can do it, you’re right. Which do you choose to think?

You can go for it now or wait another year, another lifetime. It’s up to YOUR decision to develop what Martin Luther King, Jr. called a “Divine Discipline.” It wasn’t easy for me, but it’s been so fruitful, I only wish I had really understood how much healing was possible. I didn’t believe I had the capacity to do it and so I hesitated, I delayed and I suffered.

I love the start of a new year – I love the passion that explodes as people realize that THEY are their own answered prayer and the time has finally come to LIVE the Love!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than learning to really LIVE in your loving heart. It ROCKS!! To be more consistent each day and to feel the strength of Love circulating in every area of your life is thrilling. It feels like finally coming home to yourself – you will weep tears of joy and RELIEF, just like the folks all over the world who took Masterful Living this year. It is such a healing to release the constant regret of not really trying and uncover the enormous sense of freedom that was there hidden all along. You can do this with or without me!

Truly, your life is miraculous – if you’re not experiencing it, and you don’t already have a plan to support you in 2013 – please consider making the commitment now and don’t let another year go by. Now is the time for us to fly on the wings of the Holy Spirit! Now is the time to join us in Masterful Living 2013.

If you’re not sure Masterful Living is for you, please sign up anyway. The first month’s payment is only 127 and there’s no risk. If for any reason you decide before April 1 that Masterful Living is not working for you this year, you can cancel and I’ll give you your money back—no questions asked. Many people invest at least that much in things that are a distraction and a detriment to their happiness. Believe me, when you invest in being committed to your spiritual practice, that behavior will fall away! I save so much money now that I no longer invest in self-medication and self-sabotage! PLUS, I’m in the flow of Love like never before.

If you won’t give yourself the opportunity to begin because you think you’ll fail and you cannot bear another failure then please allow me to support you in moving through that. I’m willing if you are! I can’t do it for you, but I will do it with you!

As a Masterful Living 2013 student the following classes are included plus all of the resources – (weekly support call, weekly LIVE Q&A with me, chat group with fellow participants for extra support, and a Masterful Living 2013 web resource page with class audios, transcripts, worksheets, journals and videos all to support YOU.)

All of these classes are part of Masterful Living 2013:

  • New Year’s Intentions – 2 part tele-class in January
    Prayer Power – 3 part tele-class in early January
    How to Stop Playing Small – 3 part tele-class in late January
  • That’s three powerful classes are yours when you participate in Masterful Living 2013. If it’s right for you, you’ll know. Trust that.

    If you have been fantasizing about having a different life, and still haven’t made a commitment to make the shift, aren’t you left just wanting and waiting, wishing and hoping? Has that ever worked for you?

    If you believe you’re not capable – are you willing to shift that belief so you can have a different experience?

    Give yourself the gift of Mastery! Make the commitment to join a group of like-minded souls all over the world who are willing to take the first step with you starting January 1st. Click here to register: Join Masterful Living 2013 now!


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