Being the Bodhisattva

January 9, 2013

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Every day I pray to be more loving, more peaceful, to walk AS the Christ Consciousness. Every day I pray to be in a place of healing in my own life and everyone I meet and touch. To my great joy my answered prayer unfolds before me each day. I have come to recognize that the folks on my path who challenge me with their pain and suffering by acting with judgment instead of kindness, jealousy instead of joy, fear instead of faith, they are the ones who give me the opportunity to strengthen my practice. They are my sacred and holy friends who hold the mirror before me and invite me to show my true self.

I am so grateful that I see the Divine Law at work in my life and recognize the gift of my sacred friends. I am not yet at a place where I can always be nonreactive. I am not always 100% loving in my heart at the start. This is precisely why those who challenge me are my answered prayer. They give me the holy opportunity to strengthen and deepen into the heart of Love which is my true nature.

I aspire to be the Bodhisattva and to be wholly loving. Each day is a day of opportunity to fulfill my heart’s desire. What a blessing!


I AM willing to Love!


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