Divine Blueprint

January 22, 2013

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In my study of my life experience, my heart and mind as well as my study of the great mystics and masters, what appears most apparent is that there is a Divine Blueprint for our lives. As A Course in Miracles says, the script is already written.” To me, this is the journey of the caterpillar and the butterfly. There comes a point when you have to give it ALL up. And by UP, I meant upwards! Place it on the altar and release thinking you know how it should be so you can discover the highest potential.

Discussing over dinner with my sweet spirit sister, Rhonda Britten on Sunday and then contemplating Martin Luther King, Jr’s life – it’s interesting. Our lives can be so shocking, tragic and also inspirational all at once. Many of us have had to move through the depths of despair – like the young man in “Slumdog Millionaire” we’ve wound up in the thick of it.

And yet, I believe that for each one of us there is a potential. A Divine Blueprint – it is the intelligence that lies within that seed planted in our heart – the diamond within your heart.

We can all uncover it or not. This is our choice. Will we value it or stay in despair?

There were so many times I just wanted to die. I realize now, that it wasn’t ME that wanted to die. I AM not born and I do not die. It was me allowing myself to believe that I was a person in a body identified with the ego, the small selfish self that wanted to die. So, I let it.

Now, I’m focused on seeing ever more clearly that Divine Blueprint that is within me and bringing that forth. I have to say that I am SO VERY GLAD I let that identification with the small selfish self go on and die. Good riddance! I harvest the learning daily and I share the benefits with everyone.

I feel so blessed that the tools I’ve been given really work. It was so much easier than I ever imagined. And what’s really amazing is it gets SO MUCH better!

If you feel like you’re struggling – maybe it’s time to give up. Spirit doesn’t struggle. Sprit flies. Struggling is what we do when we are living in lack and limitation. Love lifts us above the fertilizer.

There is the potential of great glory in each of us. This is a fact. Believe it or not. You will begin to see it when you begin to believe it. Your willingness is all that’s required.

If you’d like a foundation to live a miraculous life that works, support that is real and constant – you might consider if Masterful Living 2013 is right for you to use as a help for deep and lasting transformation. We’re just getting started!


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