Generosity of Spirit

January 13, 2013

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Is it better to give than to receive? Since All is One, how could that be true? Isn’t it the ideal to be the open-hearted giver and receiver, without comparing, and simply allowing the flow of Love to lead you?

My life began to profoundly change when I decided to give everything I have to God and hold nothing back. I decided that I was willing to see that God is all there is. Everything I give, is an offering to God, no matter where I give it. And, everything I receive, I receive from God, no matter where it comes from. This is the generosity of Spirit. It affords me the opportunity to live in balance, supplied by Divine Grace. No score keeping.

The practice of giving to get is one of fear and limitation and it only brings more of the same. If you give of your time, talent, and energy in order to get something in return, then you are out of the flow of Divine Grace. Why? Because you don’t trust Divine Grace to meet your needs. Why? Because you have placed your faith in your own opinions and judgments and you prefer to give in order to get so you can be in control of the flow. Know this: You can never control the flow. That is an illusion that only leads to more suffering.

If you’d like to know the flow of Love, release every trace of giving to get and living in expectation. Examine your life for places where you are manipulating others by giving in order to get something from them. Love them instead.

You cannot manipulate God. Your relationship with the Divine is everything. Be whole hearted, give all to the All in All and you will experience a generosity beyond your ability to imagine.


I seek first the Kingdom, which is within, and all else is added unto me.


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