No Limits!

January 2, 2013

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Love knows NO limits and you can come to have a full realization of this Truth – your willingness is the key. 2013 is off to an amazing and expansive start – at least that’s how it feels to me. Yesterday I kicked off the first of two parts of my New Year Intentions class which is also part of the year-long Masterful Living class. I love offering this class each year as it always brings me so much clarity.

One of the things we focus on at the beginning of the year is the many limiting beliefs people begin the year with. Each year people are amazed at how many false beliefs they can off-load in the course of a year and how much they can change the quality of their life and their relationships.

It takes great willingness to realize that every opinion we have is actually a limiting thought. Each opinion is a form of constriction. Opinions take us out of the flow of Love and into the sense of separation. Opinions are the weapon of sorting and separating.

In God it’s ALL good. Opinions are completely unnecessary – and all they do is create the energy of our suffering. They block our ability to heal ourselves because they take us out of the flow of Love.

I can remember gleefully spouting my opinions and inviting people to join me sharing them. I had so many opinions and I had NO IDEA they were creating so much dysfunction in my life. I thought I was so clever, and witty and insightful with my opinions. I was blind to the devastation I was creating for myself – and SO willingly!

If you set one intention this year – set the intention to release all your opinions and step into the flow of LOVE. Love is the healer and it’s so wonderful to have miraculous healing! There’s actually no loss in giving up opinions. There’s only Love and healing to gain!

How wonderful!


I AM a judgment-free zone of Love!


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