Relax Into the Flow of Good

January 28, 2013

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Have you got a goal, a dream or desire that you really, deeply wish to see fulfilled, and yet the years go by and the dream remains unattained? Maybe you don’t even do much about it? Maybe that goal is your own awakening? Perhaps you know the first steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal and yet you don’t take them. If so, you are not alone! That was me for a VERY long time. It is SO common among spiritual seekers and it is the cause of much unnecessary suffering.

I’ve known “very” spiritual people who won’t pray for themselves to attain awakening. I’ve been that person. This is resistance. I’ve learned that if the resistance is strong, instead of focusing on the end result I am better served by focusing on the resistance. I become willing to release, resolve and dissolve the resistance so that there is true flow in my life and then I can experience my natural Affluence.

When I’m in the flow I am enjoying my path very much. I feel a natural joy. Being in the flow is yummy and fulfilling. I recognize that my experience of flow is a result of my becoming more receptive to the yumminess that Spirit is always pouring forth. The Divine has not changed, life has not changed. I’ve changed my mind. I’m in the flow when I’m working for the good of all, when I’m seeing all as one.

I realized: There’s nothing to resist. So, I give up my resistance.

Today my awareness expands. Today I am more and more receptive because I am less and less resistant to having the things I desire. I am more receptive because my spiritual practice of nonviolence leads me to see that all is ONE and there’s nothing to resist. My dream, my goal, my desire is Divine desire in me. The more I trust the flow of the river the safer it is. In this way I am an example. In this way I am a safe place and the world a place of greater peace. Peace begins with we – me and you.

Are you a spiritual seeker who is suffering because you’ve read all the books, and you know what to do, and yet you’re giving yourself permission NOT to do it? Masterful Living 2013 is designed to support anyone who is in strong resistance to doing the spiritual work necessary to move out of misery and into mastery. We’re just getting started and you can still join us!


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