Take Out the Trash!

January 17, 2013

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I love my life. I LOVE IT.

There was a time when I felt so burdened by having to slog through this human existence and I’m so grateful I’ve made it to the other side of that experience.

In A Course in Miracles, the teaching says – “To have, give all to all.” (Chapter 6, Section V. A.)

What I’ve learned through my personal experience is that Love can never fail. When you give your whole heart to something you WILL succeed – although you may not understand what success REALLY is if you’re attached to how it LOOKS.

Years ago, when I first stepped into my life as a Minister, a “teacher of God,” I made the decision and the commitment to be loving. I decided to give EVERYTHING to the Divine. I decided to go to work for God, Inc. I stopped working for $$$ and I began to only work for L O V E.

I decided to hand over my whole life and not hold anything back. No separation. I decided to look only to the Divine for every need to be met and I have not been disappointed. I didn’t know it when I began this work, but I was actually declaring my decision to PROVE the A Course in Miracles teaching “To have, give all to all.”

To me, it’s a way of saying “Seek first the kingdom, which is within, and all else will be added unto you.”

Do I still have to work with my mind every day to purify and clarify? YES I DO!!!! And that is my joy.

My #1 interest is attaining that pristine awareness that is my TRUE identity. In the meantime my #1 responsibility is to “take out the trash.” Which means to release all attachment to the false beliefs that block the pristine awareness.

I’m all in.
I’m clearing the clutter.
And I’m letting the Higher Holy Spirit Self do the heavy lifting.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up. Now, I get to share what I love about God in all the classes I offer and people are applying it and realizing that they are able to live a miraculous life.

What benefit could YOU share with others if you knew you couldn’t fail? If you decided to work only for L O V E?

Bring it, baby!


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