The End of Wanting

January 19, 2013

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There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.” A Course in Miracles

There’s such a focus in this world on wanting and needing that many people are simply left in a state of wanting. Wanting isn’t having. Wanting is an affirmation of NOT having.

If I feel that I want something, I’m thinking it’s missing. If I’m feeling a strong craving and a persistent wanting then I must have a strong belief that the lack, limitation and needing are very real. The more deeply I affirm the wanting, the more I’m invested in that belief of my not having. You’ll see it when you believe it.

The good news is, that no matter how intense the craving, needing and wanting is, it’s all predicated on a false belief. What is the false belief? Essentially all lack is evidence of a belief in separation from the Divine.

The Truth that sets you free is: the kingdom is within. The kingdom has always been within. It has not shifted location.
I had to choose to seek the kingdom FIRST in order to experience “all else will be added unto me.” The only reason I came to believe that I was lacking in anything is because I believed I don’t have it. I learned: If I perpetuate the lie I’ll feel an even greater sense of lack.

If we look outside ourselves for ANYTHING of value then we are looking in the wrong location. It is YOUR thought that produces your experience. If you’re experiencing a sense of lack and you are aware of it, CELEBRATE! That experience of lack and despair is PROOF POSITIVE that your thoughts are POWERFUL.

It costs you not one penny to change your mind. The kingdom is already pre-installed and you are pre-approved to access it, explore it, share it and demonstrate it. All you have to do is decide.

You are the one who decides to run the spiritual software that is your spiritual practice of communion with Spirit. You ARE the one you’ve been waiting for.

Decide today when you will begin. Mark the calendar and rejoice – the end of wanting begins on that day!

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