Where is Your Attention?

January 15, 2013

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I did about a dozen silent meditation retreats with Michael Beckwith and in the midst of the silent meditation sittings he would pose the question “Where is your attention?” It’s a great tool in meditation and in life.

Training yourself to consistently make this masterful inquiry, aligning with the Higher Self and asking “Where is your attention?” any and every time that you feel out of sorts can bring great benefit.

It’s so valuable to realize that the greatest influencer in our experience of life is our beliefs. We will experience what we believe – regardless of whether what we believe is true or not.

For example, the majority of people I meet have some belief about themselves being unworthy of the good in life. Many believe there’s something wrong with them. Because they are so invested in these limiting beliefs they consistently experience some form of lack and limitation.

What a benefit it would be if everyone could begin to recognize that the very moment they’re feeling upset is the moment to inquire as to where there attention is. Seek and ye shall find the cause of the upset. In that moment they can change their focus and affirm the Truth that will liberate them from the tyranny of their false beliefs.

It’s not rocket science, even if it feels like it.
The more challenging it feels, the closer the breakthrough.
Your willingness is all that’s required.

Rather than settle for being upset, ask yourself “Where is my attention?”

When NASA is sending a rocket to the moon, their success is dependent upon their ability to course correct. This is your key to success too! Be willing to course correct rather than keep suffering! You’re worth it!


I AM placing my attention in my loving heart today!


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