Giving Thanks for EVERYthing

February 17, 2013

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It sounds crazy to give thanks for everything.

How can anyone be grateful for a brutal challenge like a “battle” with cancer? The death of a loved one? Financial ruin? It seems so crazy to be grateful for these things and yet, the more I travel this road of spiritual awakening, the more I feel that it’s crazy NOT to be grateful in every moment.

I’ve learned to be grateful even when it feels excruciating – because that means I’m confronting my entrenched beliefs in a power other than God. When it’s REALLY painful, then I can know absolutely that I’m in a pivotal moment of life-changing opportunity to choose Love and LIBERATE myself from the habit of choosing lack and attack.

Counting your blessings is one of the very best ways to transcend and transmute fear and judgment. Releasing judgment is such a healing and profound spiritual practice.

Let’s practice together.

I’m grateful for your partnership via my Daily Spiritual Espresso and the Prayer for Today.
I’m grateful God IS.
What are you grateful for?


I AM grateful, simply thankful, that Love IS!


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