Sunlight on Water

February 8, 2013

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Yesterday we took our Hawaii retreat on the road and went for a swim with the wild dolphins. It was amazing! The whales came and the manta rays came too!

As the boat was heading out, we paused and prayed to bless our trip. We dropped into our heart and asked the dolphins and whales to share their heart medicine with us and we had an abundance poured over us. It was another demonstration of “like attracts like.”

It’s wonderful to be able to practice non-attachment with fellow spiritual travelers and with other beings of Love and light. We asked for a heart healing and that’s what we received.

What are you asking for – consciously or unconsciously? It’s always good to check in all day long. It’s up to us to open ourselves to receive!

If you’re ever in Kona, Hawaii, I invite you to go for a ride with the dolphins with China Mike and the Sunlight on Water crew. Life is good! We are beloved!


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