Take a Leap of Love!

February 18, 2013

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Yesterday in my spiritual Community – Project: Service L.A. we celebrated our three year anniversary. It’s amazing to think that we’ve lasted and grown so beautifully over the past three years. Project: Service L.A. was the idea of Jesse Brune who invited me to co-found this community with him after he took my 7 week spiritual bootcamp class, Finding Freedom (Starts March 21st)

It’s been nearly 4 years since Jesse first found me and got inspired to get to work in my Finding Freedom class. Back then he had a lot of things on his “wish list.” Things that he wanted to experience, and have and be. And I can honestly say that I’ve seen him accomplish many of them.

Jesse Brune is an expert chef and motivational trainer. Like so many chefs, he had the dream of having a show on the Food Network. DONE.

Jesse had the dream of finding a soul mate romantic partner and getting into a committed partnership. DONE.

Jesse had the dream of living a life surrendered to Love, moving out of fear, worry and self-doubt, so that he could truly be a beneficial presence in this world. That’s definitely happening, and it was evident yesterday at our 3 year anniversary celebration.

I believe anyone can Stop Playing Small and live a life of Love, sharing the benefits with everyone. I believe that anyone can be a healing presence. I believe that anyone can wake up and realize that their “dream” is actually their destiny. That’s why we yearn to fulfill it. I haven’t met anyone for whom that’s not true.

Are you ready to Stop Playing Small and take a leap of Love?

We never know how it will come out, how it will look, but I can honestly say that it feels SO RIGHT.

Tomorrow my 3 week Stop Playing Small class begins. The purpose of the class is to inspire, motivate and help you get clarity. Join us!


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