The ART of following your HEART!

February 12, 2013

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Here comes Valentine’s Day and this year I’m inviting you to BE the love of your life! Today in my online radio show at my topic is Give Yourself The Gift of Willingness – you can listen on line for or you can get the download at iTunes – no charge.

You see the picture for today? That’s me, welcoming the sunrise in Hawaii where I was leading a retreat with David Hoffmeister. That was a dream come true for me. I’ve been having so many “dream come true” experiences. I had no idea how to ever make them happen, so I gave up. I shifted my mind. I stopped trying to make things happen and I moved into a whole NEW mindset and then the miracles began to happen.

It’s so much more graceful to allow the miracles than it ever was trying to make things happen! Phew! I love living by the grace of God. It is Grace-FULL. And you can do this too. This is exactly what I speak and share about every day, in every class. It requires your willingness – are you willing to be willing?

So many people ask me the HOW questions:

How, do I stop the suffering?
How do I manifest a happy life?
How do I attract a life that’s good?
How do I get out of this rut?
How do I step into a mystical awakening experience?

I get so many of these questions that I’ve designed everything I offer to answer them in SPECIFICS. This week, on Saturday, I’m offering an online tele-workshop to answer some of these questions.

Manifest from the Heart
online tele-workshop
Saturday, February 16th
join us on line or or on the phone

Click now to register – get the download, replay and transcript – plus worksheets to support you in doing the work!

It all rests upon your willingness to shift your thinking and shift your mind in very specific ways. That’s what I’m going to share in this workshop. You can join us online or on the phone. I’m going to pack it in! Click now for more info.

As always, if this is right for you right now, you’ll know it! Trust your heart!


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