The ART of following your intuition!

February 11, 2013

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When I first arrived here in Hawaii, I went into the Hale Aloha! store at the Kalani Retreat Center where David Hoffmeister and I were holding our retreat. They have many beautiful items – including things like this gorgeous wall hanging you see in today’s photo.

I saw one wall hanging that I just loved and thought I’d like to buy it and bring it home to remind me of the beauty in nature. I love flowers and particularly tropical flowers. I have orchids all over my home. Nature is so inspiring to me and the flowers are particularly inspiring. Flowers are such a great example of Freedom of spiritual expression.

As I was thinking of buying the wall hanging, my intuition suggested that I look for the artist on the web. I found their site, but there were no pictures of any floral wall hangings, only other kinds of images. I decided to email her and found out that she was 5 minutes away from the retreat center. I asked if I could come to her home and see what else she had because I had such a strong feeling that she had things I would enjoy even more if I went to her home.

Yesterday, I got to visit with this woman and she actually collaborates with an artist in Bali to create these beautiful items. I bought four different ones, this one among them. I’m excited to see them in my home, share with friends and let the inspiration continue!

I have pushed aside my inspiration and intuition so many times. When I listen and follow it’s ALWAYS a good thing. I don’t need to manifest stuff from a place of wanting, needing and lack – now, I’m learning to follow my intuition and it sweetly leads me to beautiful people, gorgeous experiences and wonderful things to share! What a blessing!


I AM divinely inspired!


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