There is No Failure!

February 20, 2013

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Failure is impossible. It really is – it requires a shift of perspective in order to see it. You have to be WILLING to have the ears to hear and the eyes to TRULY see it.

What may look to you like failure is actually your education.
What feels like failure is simply this:

You’re playing small.
You’re settling for a life of illusions, when you could have the KINGDOM.
Of course, it feels like failure.

Actively choosing suffering feels upsetting – it pushes us to be willing to choose LOVE, which is our healer.

Why invest one more moment in thinking the thoughts that cause your suffering when you can change your mind and choose your liberation?

A beautiful life of LOVE truly IS your destiny!

Trade THAT for all the investments in fantasy and make-believe.

Seek first the kingdom,
which is within
and all else WILL be added unto you.

Invest in the kingdom and retire from a life of suffering!

Act now and you can have it all! (You already have it, but until you value it, it seems like you don’t. That’s what feels like a failure – it’s a failure to recognize the Truth that immediately sets you free.)

Love cannot fail.
You ARE Love – therefore, YOU cannot fail.
It’s just a question of how long will YOU take to remember that?

Give yourself a deadline!

If you feel like you’d really benefit from a 21 day support system – Stop Playing Small Class is 3 weeks of clear steps to your liberation. We’re just getting started and you can click here to learn more and join us today. Why delay?


I AM willing to choose Love today!


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