Transcending Fear

February 10, 2013

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The other day we were out on the water here in Hawaii. We were swimming with dolphins and manta rays. The whales came out and gave us a show – mama and baby plus a papa whale. Baby dolphins with their moms were all over the place. In the evening we went out again and swam with the manta rays.

I had thought it might trigger some ancient fear to swim with the manta rays at night. These manta rays are HUGE – and they’re very impressive. We were floating onto the surface, holding onto a raft that had lights embedded into it. The lights attracted the plankton and the manta rays came gliding up to the light to eat the plankton.

They then did a back flip or two or three RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE!!! Seriously, these guys were 4 inches from my face. They are amazingly agile and graceful. You can see how close they come – on the right you see my hands holding onto the raft.

I thought it might be terrifying, bringing up past life memories of being eaten by sharks and things like that. I have been afraid of things in the water for as long as I can remember – and yet, all I felt, all day long, was peace.

The dolphins came within a few feet of me, the manta rays swam all around me and incredibly close by. I always felt safe, loved and held in the heart of God.

This is a great testimony to the power of Love as a spiritual practice. There really is only ONE thing that causes fear and that is the belief in separation. The more I release that, the safer I feel in ALL circumstances.

We had a truly amazing day on the water and I feel healed in so many ways. What a blessing!

If you feel like you’re trying to manage the circumstances in your life in order to feel more abundant, more loved, more healthy, more safe, more brilliant – forget it! BE Loving, practice non-judgment and watch your life become a turbo charged miracle ride! Woo hoo!


I AM willing to be loving!


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