Gaining Momentum

March 19, 2013

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It’s amazing how just a few seemingly small choices can make such a huge difference. Here’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey: a little means a lot when it comes to spiritual transformation.

A few simple choices in favor of


made each day will bring you extraordinary results. It’s all about shifting your choice.

What you choose and why you choose it determines the quality of your life in each moment. A choice for Love brings ease and grace. A choice to block Love brings limitation, frustration and stagnation.

I know it seems so simple and so obvious, but how often do you find that you simply refuse to make the loving choice just because you’re don’t feel like it?

I used to watch myself choose negativity, limitation, upset, taking offense, sarcasm, judgment, blame, defensiveness and a whole host of destructive and detrimental choices. That’s right, I used to willingly choose even my upset! No wonder I often felt like there was something “wrong with me!”

Fortunately, I realized that there was nothing wrong with me, but there was something wrong with my thinking.

It’s those little things that determine the big picture. And if you change a few of them, you’ll see huge changes. No kidding. I’ve had so much healing it blows my mind!

This is why becoming focused, disciplined and devoted is HOW you will dramatically open up the flow of Love in your life. Instead of dribs and drabs you can choose to unleash the flow that is already yours if you choose it!

This is why I don’t give up and I keep sharing – because it works – it’s miraculous!

Finding Freedom isn’t just the name of my class that starts on Thursday – Finding Freedom is a way of life. It’s about turning the tide and discovering that it is so much easier than you ever imagined! If you have any questions, check out the Preview Call I did last Saturday – you can get that download when you click here.


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