It’s Perfect Just As It Is!

March 11, 2013

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It’s really challenging to accept that things are perfect just as they are. Especially when we don’t like how they are and wish they were different. It’s all good, but it’s not all FUN.

People have been so grateful for the class I did on Saturday on Roto-Rooter Your Resistance & Reluctance (you can still get the free Download / Replay & Video if you register).

One of the great questions I got, was
“How do you know if the difficulties you’re experiencing are blocks or something to strengthen your willingness?”

You have to be willing to look at these things:

  • What choice are you making that seems to be blocked?
  • What is the motivation for your choice?
  • What is your response to the appearance of block?

In the incredibly inspiring video about the veteran (which I’m now watching EVERY DAY), you notice that he decides that he’d like to see if doing yoga will help him. Initially, each yoga teacher he asks for help turns him down. This could seem like a block. Maybe he’s not supposed to try yoga. Maybe the doctors are right, and he’s supposed to spend the another 15 years gaining weight and feeling miserable. However, we look at the answers to my above questions and we learn what’s really going on:

  • The choice he’s making is for healing and strengthening his body and mind – this is a heart choice, not an ego choice – the ego already had him sitting on the coach for 15 years feeling hopeless.
  • His motivation is to see what’s possible, stop feeling sorry for himself and reclaim his life.
  • His response is to ask another yoga teacher and further AFFIRM HIS WILLINGNESS TO BE SUPPORTED BY THE UNIVERSE IN HEALING

Are you feeling blocked? Take a deeper look. Maybe what appears as a block is perfectly designed to entice you to affirm our willingness? Don’t give up! Your little willingness to live from your heart and transform your life will be met by the full force of God’s Love! Go for it!


I AM willing to be my True Self and live a life of LOVE!


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