Sabotage No More!

March 10, 2013

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Have you ever done this: Have you ever convinced yourself that you couldn’t do something, but you knew that you could? Have you ever felt moved to be more loving, kind or gentle, but you decided not to?

I used to do that all the time and it was the worst kind of sabotage because it meant that I had really aligned with the ego and chosen to live a diminished life. Those little moments where my commitment and devotion to love wavered cost me so much – but I preferred not to really acknowledge and understand it.

The main thing the ego cannot stand is when we are committed to choosing Love. The ego will give us any reason to break our commitment to live in alignment with Divine Will. A little bitty slip is all that we might think that it is, but it’s really giving up the whole kingdom.

I’ve really fallen in love with this TV show called “Once Upon A time.” It’s all about the seeming battle between good and evil. It’s really quite beautiful and inspiring at times. All the characters are magical powerful beings who’ve forgotten who they are and become identified with a small and lost little self. It’s about their journey of awakening. It’s an amazing way for the Higher Holy Spirit Self to speak to us through a TV show!

Life is always speaking to us through every opportunity to choose Love we can gain strength – the strength to remember our true identity AS the Love that we are.

Seek first the Kingdom, which is Love, which is within, because it is your true identity – and ALL ELSE will be added unto you. If you’re seeking outside yourself, what part of ALL ELSE aren’t you willing to understand?


I AM willing to choose Love today!


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