St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2013

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Being of Irish decent I have a certain affinity for St. Patrick’s Day. Traditionally it is a feast day celebrating Irish heritage. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

It’s interesting to note that Patrick was born in England of English-German heritage. How did he get to Ireland? He was captured and enslaved. During his time of enslavement he prayed and his faith grew. I don’t know much more of the story, but isn’t that how life is sometimes? An experience or a thought enslaves me, brings me low and traps me only to become the birthplace of true liberation.

How many times have I had to be taken against my will in order to go to the place of my greatest expansion? All of the difficult trials and tribulations of my life contain within them the seed of my greatness and spiritual advancement. Each moment of suffering can later be the fulcrum that brings liberation dearly longed for. Each point of pain can be the trampoline we jump upon to deliver us to higher levels of awareness.

Pain is always pushing us to choose a higher vision for ourselves. Each of us has felt the searing bonds of slavery. Each of us has prayed for more faith, more vision.

Today, let us pray for faith and use fear like a trampoline to see from on high the vision of our own goodness. Today, let us celebrate our ability to lift our eyes from slavery days to see with true vision and be pulled to find true and lasting Freedom with grace. In this way we become heroic and saintly – cause for celebrations both big and small.

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I AM willing to know true and lasting Freedom in my heart!


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