The Fountain of Youth!

March 2, 2013

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There is a fountain of youth!
It’s right there in your mind.
All you have to do is dip in and discover it.

Obviously, many people don’t know this.
People make lots of $$$ selling products to people who are afraid of aging.

Scaring people is a really profitable sales technique if you’re willing to take the karma that goes with it. That’s why so many people use scare tactics to sell you things.

And yet, there really is a fountain of youth in your mind.
There’s also a fountain of abundance and prosperity.
There’s a fountain of joy and happiness.
There’s a fountain of Love and compassion.

It’s all in the mind, which is the kingdom.

Why would anyone ever choose to actively believe that aging is not good, or that it is limiting, or that it’s inevitable. There are people who live way beyond these human thought patterns and prove their timelessness and their fearlessness. However, we don’t often study and admire them. More often we’re taught to admire the people who use fear tactics really well to make money and manifest stuff to make them happy for a moment.

An unlimited supply of abundance and Love is in YOUR mind – you can dip in and discover it if you’re willing to give up your judgments, comparisons and complaints.

That’s my challenge to you – are you willing to devalue the things that BLOCK your prosperity, health and happiness? Only you can do this. It costs you nothing to truly begin now!


I AM a judgment-free zone of Love & compassion!


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