What Are You Bringing With You?

March 25, 2013

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I’ve learned that the primary key to my success is having my mind and my heart be aligned with the same intention. Living a loving, nonviolent life includes acting in congruency with Love itself. This requires following through on my inner guidance.

Have you ever asked the Universe for something and it sent you something you didn’t want? Perhaps you wanted peace in your family and instead you kept getting the message to visit your least favorite Aunt–to which you responded, “no, thanks.” What you didn’t know was that you were being guided to be the deliverer of the peace! Isn’t the best way to have peace is to recognize that peace is within. Isn’t the bonus opportunity to be able to recognize you are the one who brings it with you?

When someone tells me they’re feeling distraught and a bit crazy, it’s usually quite evident that they are saying one thing and doing another. They aren’t congruent in heart and mind. They are split and that is the cause of their crazy feelings and behavior.

When I am congruent in my mind and heart then I can be as powerful as it is possible to be because there is no conflict at the starting point of power in my world. My whole being is aligned and available for success. Self-sabotage has no place to land when my heart and mind are aligned with Love and congruency.

In his book THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER, mystic and healer Ron Roth tells us that when we reject the guidance we receive, “your prayer can no longer be answered because what you are hearing is the path to the answer, but you don’t want to hear it. Being alert to the form the answer may take is another aspect of congruency…”

Congruency in my thinking, my deepest heart’s desires AND my actions brings profound peace. Today I make a commitment to congruency in my thoughts, words and actions. If my guidance takes the form of a sudden impulse to write a letter, make a call or visit someone, I follow through knowing that the step I take is a path to the answer to my prayer. In my daily choices and actions I move the world in the direction of peace.


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