Begin Again

April 28, 2013

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So many times I really wanted to give up, or so I thought. I wanted to give up “trying to be spiritual.” I felt I was failing at “being good.” It just felt too darn hard.

I really thought it wasn’t in my nature to be good.
I really believed that my nature was essentially not so good.

AND of course I wanted to GIVE UP!
If you believe it’s impossible, OF COURSE YOU WANT TO GIVE UP!

Fortunately, I was willing to consider that there was nothing wrong with me, but there was something fundamentally and completely wrong with my thinking.

The only thing I wanted to give up was the false belief that there was something lacking in me.

I was willing to believe that I AM a living expression of GOD’s LOVE and that means that there is nothing wrong with ME because there’s nothing wrong with LOVE.

Love is good and fine and True and so are YOU!

When you’re willing to believe that the false belief is truly false – everything shifts and changes. Love cannot fail. BE the Love that you are and you cannot fail.

I AM Love and I AM all that I AM.

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