Discernment or Judgment?

April 20, 2013

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Have you ever made a snap judgment and lived to regret it? I have, but I only did it once and I learned from it so that was great. Just kidding! I WISH I could say I only ever did it once and that was enough for me to learn better.

What I’ve definitely learned is that there’s a huge difference between judgment and evaluation. When I pass judgment on someone I bring my insecurities to bear by means of my opinion.

True discernment means looking at a person or situation from a place other than my projections and insecurities. It’s a willingness to get to clarity, and to the facts.

A judgment allows me to quickly categorize someone and move on. It’s like slapping on a label.

Discernment takes time – it’s an investment. It requires looking to see the truth, rather than the projection. I could even say that it in order to properly evaluate anyone or anything it takes looking with new eyes. Knowing that Love is unconditional, I am intent on seeing with eyes of Love.

Truth sets us free. Love is our healer. Discernment can lead us out of judgment and into Truth. Love is just around the corner then.

Today, I invite you to consider any place in your life where you’ve slapped on a label and now you’re feeling that label is a limitation. Labels help us sort and separate. Separation is the ONLY problem we really have to deal with. Love heals all sense of separation. Love is IT. Love is ALL.

Let’s throw out all of the weapons of separation and be discerning in the name of Love!


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