I AM the Universe

April 6, 2013

Part of my commitment to living a daily practice of nonviolence is a reverence for all life. Since we live in a Uni-verse not a bi-verse or a tri-verse, where all is united as ONE – every part of life is part of me. I am part of this one life. Is there some part of the Divine that is not worthy of my respect?

With a healthy respect for ALL of life, I am in fact declaring myself worthy and honorable too. All is One, so all is worthy of Love and respect. Since like attracts like, I find that as I walk in a consciousness of reverence more people smile at me and are polite with me. As I practice respecting others fully and completely rather than sometimes, I AM naturally learning to have even more self-respect.

Today as I am out in the world I look for new ways to actively show my reverence for all of life. On my morning walk I revere my environment and pick up pieces of trash. I smile at strangers and say hello. I send a silent blessing to everyone in every building I enter, every car I pass. I even send a blessing to those leaders in politics and business in the world whom I judge as being wrong and bad. I pray that they will find the highest possible truth in their life.

I am in a flow of profound honor and respect and it shows up everywhere in my life today. Every day I lift the world through my own nonviolent choices and actions. I AM the Universe!


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