Inner Terrorist, Outer Terrorist

April 16, 2013

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My heart goes out to the people of Boston. My Dad ran the Boston Marathon – must be over 30 years ago now. It’s such a beautiful and inspiring Boston tradition. Any Marathon is such an amazing testimony to what the Spirit can do. I remember that day my Dad ran “Boston.” It was a heart wrenching, thrilling ride. The whole city of Boston seems to turn out to share in the celebration of Spirit.

Let us pray. Let us pray and pray and pray to remember that Love is ALL that there is and we do not know what ANYTHING is for, except for us to remember Love. Let us pray for anyone, anywhere who feels so angry and desperate that they’re willing to terrorize others. Let us pray that they know peace.

Our work is to stop terrorizing ourselves. Let us pray to be willing to stop terrorizing ourselves and remember to Love. Let us learn to cherish ourselves and speak to ourselves with kindness.

When we do remember Love in the face of such daunting challenges then we become better people and Love gets stronger and one day Love WILL rule the hearts of all. We will all remember that Love is what we ARE. This I know.

I stand on this rock of Love and I feel safe and sound. Love is All. Always and forever.


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