Practice of Praise

April 1, 2013

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Appreciation supports people in their growth and expansion, and yet how often do I withhold our praise from ourselves and others? Being able to offer praise easily is a gift. I know that I feel gifted every time someone has a genuine word of praise for me. When I give praise I feel lifted in being able to find something that is inspiring me to praise it. When the person receives and accepts the praise well they are lifted into an awareness of the Truth of their brilliance, beauty and worth, then I am twice blessed.

There are many people walking around in the world who rarely receive a word of praise. They are encased in habitual thoughts of self-judgment, hurt, fear, doubt and despair and the world reflects it back to them. My one word of praise can penetrate that hard shell of darkness the way the sun rising dispels the night. Praise has that kind of power. I can change my life and the life of everyone I meet by substituting criticism and judgment for praise.

Today I begin a daily practice of looking to praise. Praising becomes my new habit in place of judgment. I praise myself and I praise others. I praise our personal qualities, our achievements and our helpful service. My gratitude for life as it is grows. My vibration lifts and I move the world in the direction of love through my daily practice of nonviolence.


I AM grateful for my life!


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