Spiritual Success is Loving

April 25, 2013

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What does it mean to be successful as a spiritual being? For me it means being more heart centered in this moment then in the last moment. It means being more awake today then yesterday. And that means freedom.

What a life we’re living! It’s so tricky learning to open hearts and live from the loving heart. Sometimes it takes Herculean strength not to give in to the old habits of hardening our hearts. It takes a strong intention and a real commitment to live a life of Love. It’s not for the timid!

And yet there’s no other way for us to live a life of Love then to dig in and do it. We can surrender the old way, the old habit, the old pattern of resistance, reluctance and separation and step into the unprecedented life of Love in any moment. It’s definitely a challenge to choose something new. It can be scary in one moment and refreshing in another. Ultimately it is sweetly liberating and that sense of freedom that comes from being able to choose Love with a full commitment is a great reward!

There’s so much power in being able to make even one loving choice. I’ve learned to celebrate every choice that I can make that’s more loving this time then the last time I had the opportunity.

Every day presents new opportunities to be loving. We cannot reclaim the missed opportunities of the past, but we can make the choice for love today.

I don’t want to miss one more opportunity to choose Love. Enough already! I choose Love!


I’m ready to choose Love. I AM willing.

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