The Challenge

April 11, 2013

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I have this challenge from time to time:

I feel my intuition and the circumstances and situations of my life are advising me to make a change, and yet I feel reluctant.

For instance, I may notice that someone I once felt so connected to, now doesn’t feel like a good match for me and what I’m feeling called to place my attention on right now. I still love this person, of course, and feel moved to include them, to connect with them, to join and yet, it’s really from ego. I’m motivated by a fear of loss, and so I’m tempted to drag out the transformation of our relationship instead of trusting intuition and remembering that all is well. Nothing is missing or wrong.

All relationships transform. They ebb and flow.
All relationships are eternal, because we’re One with each other.
Relationships only seem to end.
Their expression in the material world must shift and change – the material world has only one constant and that IS change.

Without a strong spiritual practice it’s so easy to get caught in the muck and mire of opinion and to lose perspective. A strong practice of Love and gratitude helps keep the mind clear and the heart refreshed.

There is no “should” worth placing my energy into.

All is well.


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