The How & The Now

April 2, 2013

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Right around 1996 I began to get a clearer vision for my life. I was moving out of living a self-centered, selfish life of focusing on what I could GET from the world, and moving into a heart-centered focus and being motivated by what I could SHARE with the world.
My daily prayer was this: I pray that my life and work inspires and motivates people to be loving and take loving action in world. I prayed to be a beneficial presence.

For many years, intuitives had confirmed the messages I kept getting, which was that I could be a healing presence in the world. For many years, that vision of me as a healing presence scared the BeJesus out of me. I was scared of the responsibility of being a healing presence. It felt like a burden and a weight to me. I felt I could not attain to it. Why?

I didn’t know HOW. I didn’t know how I could change. I felt so sluggish and at times “spiritually stupid.” In one moment I felt that I was so special because I was so much better than others, and the next minute I felt that I was so much worse. Judgments ruled the airwaves of my mind.

Now, I know for a fact that the HOW of the healing and the HOW of the miracle expansion and goodness is absolutely none of my business. It’s not my responsibility to figure out HOW. My responsibility is to simply BELIEVE that it IS happening NOW. My job is the NOW, not the HOW.

Are you willing to accept responsibility NOW and forget the HOW? You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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