The Law of Allowance

April 29, 2013

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When your heart and mind are congruent with Love and for Love, it’s quite miraculous how everything seems to work out for the highest good. It takes great willingness to stay the course in this practice of living in the flow of Love. At least, it takes great practice until you remember that this is your natural state.

So often, the big challenge is that we don’t know how things will unfold. We don’t know how things will ever work out well. We don’t know how it will happen in a way that we can trust – and so we must have faith and trust anyway.

This is a challenging practice, until you realize it is actually the fastest and easiest route to living in the flow. The only way to know it is to do it. Faith is a living practice.

I used to constantly try to micro-manage the miraculous. How crazy is that?

We don’t know HOW things will work out, so we learn to be in the NOW and simply ALLOW. When we get ego out of the way, become heart / mind congruent, then it’s clear sailing!


I AM in the now, learning to allow!


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