Ego Likes Accomplishment

May 23, 2013

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How many times have I heard people share they’re confused about their life purpose? So often. I have come to believe that my life purpose is to share Love and be loving. My purpose is to remember my true identity. It’s a being not a doing – and we’ve heard that so many times, and yet the ego almost always rejects it because it doesn’t seem like enough – and yet it is everything. Being loving is everything.

When I’m being loving then I’m being truly helpful.
When I’m being loving then I’m being my true self and awakening happens.

The ego likes accomplishment in the world of effects. And yet the ego is never satisfied. There’s only a sense of momentary satisfaction because for a moment the ego feels validated.

There is a permanent validation available to us, and as far as I can tell it requires me to release any sense of satisfaction from the doing of things. Only being loving truly brings a sense of unremitting peace. How wonderful that this feeling is always available to us according to our willingness to be loving.

When we hold onto upset, energize upset and value being upset – through being controlling of others with the upset, there’s a great sense of loss that follows. We’ve lost the opportunity for healing and transformation and instead have chosen to feel more separate, more lacking, and more limited and we didn’t have to. We forgot.

And then we begin again. We choose again.

This week at we have two free classes on how to Unbreak Your Heart – join us and determine to let the hurt be dissolved and resolved by the Higher Holy Spirit Self. The time for healing is now. Always now. The past is gone. Let the dead bury the dead and let’s really live in Love. Love out Loud!


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