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May 6, 2013

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I’ve just had the weekend in Birmingham, England at the British A Course in Miracles conference with friends Gary Renard and Earl Purdy, both of whom will be participating in the Living A Course in Miracles series which begins on Thursday (8 weeks, 16 classes – our gift to you, register here now: http://livingacourseinmiracles.com /)

The entire conference was a celebration of Spirit. I was particularly thrilled because four of this year’s Masterful Living participants made the trip and we got to have wonderful conversations and playtime together. So many blessings!

There seemed to be a lot of talk about expectations yesterday. Nick Davis quoted his wife as saying that “expectations are grievances waiting to happen” and I thought that was very well put. Expectations are attachments and all attachments lead to suffering.

One great thing is to notice how Spirit is ALWAYS teaching us. Yesterday I ran a few errands in a nearby shopping mall and I went with Nancy who is in class with us. On the way back, Nancy said she noticed how in every shop I went into, I immediately asked for help in the store. She said that the English way is to avoid asking in order not to bother anyone. Nancy said she realized that my asking for help in each store was another demonstration of what I’m so often recommending: Ask and it is given. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Ask for support. There’s only ONE, so the only 1 I can ask is THE One.

I used to struggle on my own so often and I’m not interested in that anymore. I like to help and so do others. We can help each other and then there’s more Love being expressed in the world.

Is there anything you’d like help with? Instead of asking for specifics such as help manifesting $$$, ask for help stepping into the flow of Abundance. Instead of asking for help finding a cure for your illness, ask for guidance on how to manifest and demonstrate Wholness, your true nature, with ease and grace.

As they said all weekend at the conference “YOU are entitled to miracles.” The miracle is always available. Let us cultivate that little willingness to be in tune with the Oneness and ask for it truly is already given. Release expectations and step into the invitation to ask.

Here’s a free gift for you – Living A Course in Miracles series begins on Thursday, May 9 – 8 teachers – 8 weeks – 16 classes – our gift to you – click below to register now!


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