Faith = Unbotherable

May 11, 2013

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Ok, are you ready for the latest development? I was over at Stonehenge yesterday meeting my friend there and then had a lovely couple of turns around the beautiful site and a long chat with another friend there and it was an absolutely lovely day.

I got in the car to drive back to my cottage and I had a flat tire. Several calls to Hertz and lots of confusion – not what I would have hoped for in the way of service and 90 minutes later they agreed to send someone to tow the car since there was no spare tire in the car.

They promised to be there in 90 minutes or so. Ok fine. Everything is working together for my good. If they meet the deadline, at the very latest, I’ll be back at the cottage within 15 minutes of the start of Living A Course in Miracles class.

But Hertz didn’t meet the deadline. In fact, after waiting until the very latest time they said they’d be there, I phoned and they said ” we’re running late, it’s going to be a while longer.” I didn’t even bother to ask them when they had an inkling of this and why they hadn’t called. I just said, “ok, I’m leaving the car at Stonhenge, catching a taxi and we’ll sort it out tomorrow.”

Fortunately the cabbie had become my friend and he’s a wonderful guy and he raced over to get me and I walked in the door 4 minutes before the class started.

I’d say “Phew!,” but I wasn’t actually concerned or worried. I had faith. If I had worried, it would have meant that I had faith in something other than good, and I’m not willing to go there anymore.

Sometimes life is simply teaching you to be unbotherable and live in faith. The rewards of which are SO VALUABLE it cannot even be put into words. I get it. I’m totally IN and it’s unfolding.

By the way – my camera seems to be fine. The little dip in the toilet the day before doesn’t seem to have bothered it at all. Thank goodness for the hand dryers in the restroom at Avebury.

And the class went really well – you can listen to the free replay when you register at – Enjoy! My topic this week is Enlightened Relationships. I hope you find them truly helpful!


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