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May 10, 2013

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What a day I had yesterday! First, I got to Stonhenge at 5:30am for the Sunrise admission to the inner circle and I had brought the wrong ticket – I had the ticket for NEXT Thursday and at first the guard basically said “It’s unfortunate, because you could still be sleeping, which I know you would be enjoying, but come back next week and we’ll be so happy to see you then at 5:30 in the chilly English morning at the pre-crack of dawn.”

I realized that I could probably have had more than 4.5 hours sleep, and still be warm, snug in bed, but I was quite certain I really did have the right day even if I had the wrong pass and yet, my guidance was to say nothing, do nothing, but be at peace and so I did just that.

Plus, I was grateful that I didn’t feel upset or particularly bothered. It was really quite lovely, with the sun rising over the meadow. I was certain it was quite beautiful in the inner circle at Stonhenge where I’d planned on being.

Then the guard said, “hang on.”
Then he said “you can go in – go on and park and go in.”

Which was even more lovely. I had a wonderful time at Stonehenge watching the sunrise and praying, observing the beauty and monitoring the chill (so much cooler than Los Angeles and I wished I’d had my gloves.) Really lovely. What a blessing. So grateful that I remembered to be grateful even though it didn’t go as planned and I might just as easily have had a different experience IF I wasn’t truly Living A Course in Miracles in that very moment.

I had another lovely opportunity later that day when I went to the bathroom at Avebury (which was FABULOUS) with my new friend, Debbie. I “accidentally” dropped my camera in the toilet and now I have a lovely camera that doesn’t work properly. And yet, I’m willing to be grateful because this is for my good in some way.

I also had a really wonderful class with Colin Tipping in our Living A Course in Miracles series and I’m very eager about today’s homework class. Immediately after a flurry of emails came in. The first one told me that the class wasn’t good. The rest said it was wonderful.

Life is a constant sequence of perfect opportunities to practice Living the Love and that’s what I intend to keep doing. I am really excited about how today will go! When it’s all good – there are no complaints, right?


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