My Full Moon Releasing Ceremony

May 27, 2013

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This full moon has been a whopper! WOW! With all the energies of the eclipse and everything else that’s going on, I think we’re all awake to the call to release that which no longer serves.

The cycling of the moon helps us to remember the inner cycles that bring benefit. Planting new seeds on the new moon and releasing that which obstructs and blocks the flow of love on the full moon.

This full moon has felt spectacularly powerful to me. I feel COMPELLED to drop the habits and beliefs that in anyway keep me from experiencing the fullness of LOVE now. NOW is the time of our liberation.

The more I live in this NOW moment, the more I am only interested in being loving now. So, even though I’m traveling and being a tourist for weeks now, I don’t feel called to see things just to see them. I’m focused on following my intuition and what is it that I’m called to visit, to experience – not to see with the bodies eyes – but to participate with my whole heart. To activate my heart and awakening awareness. It’s a whole different approach to travel than what I used to partake of.

I’ve been so happy to sit in the Cathedrals and chapels for hours, praying and being in that energy. So happy to be with all the pilgrims who come here to Lourdes and join in their prayers, even though I don’t know the Catholic ways.

I feel that I am being activated on a profound level, and I feel that I’m also assisting in a global spiritual activation. I may not realize all the details, but I can feel the depth of it.

What’s wonderful is, we can do this no matter where we are, no matter our profession or position in life. Now is always the time to be present to Love’s opportunity for healing. Love is the healer. Love reminds us that we are already whole and we can drop the illusion that the world of effects is showing us.

We must believe it first before we’ll see it. Today, in this full moon period of releasing, I encourage you to make a ceremony. Play some sacred music. Light a white candle and pour a beautiful glass of spring water. Make prayers and write down, make a commitment to what you are placing on the altar fire of Divine Love. Let the Higher Holy Spirit Self do the heavy lifting.

This Memorial Day, take your attention from the past. Let the dead bury the dead and step into the unlimited and unprecedented path of Love that your life IS. Now is the time to energize Love and being loving. Make a list of that which no longer serves, and that which keeps you focused in the past, the future or fantasy and surrender it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. Make a fire puja and burn the list. Make an offering of it. Let it go through consistently choosing to surrender it rather than energize it. Open to the healing that is now. Go for it!

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