Unconditional Joy!

May 13, 2013

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A big THANK YOU! to everyone who’s written to tell me that my Spiritual Espresso last week has been valuable to them. I’m grateful that there’s some value in sharing. It’s been a great week, and it’s been full of things not going as had been hoped and planned. I’m grateful to all the folks who work with me and support the classes that I offer – we’ve all experienced a myriad of technical difficulties and challenges. It’s good that we all know that the main thing is we’re awakening to the Truth and our employment is what we’re doing while we’re awakening – and the awakening is the main thing.

I thought Saturday would be a day to catch up on email, I had 3 classes lined up to teach and I hoped to do some reading and relaxing. Instead, I had to cancel one class – and I got to interact with the Hertz road service people for 8 hours while getting my flat tire repaired.

I won’t give you the blow by blow, but I had hours on the phone figuring out the details – which included the additional challenge that I dropped the rental car key in a taxi and had to retrieve it. It was an all-day, 8 hour saga that included 4 hours of sitting in the parking lot at Stonehenge.

The taxi driver said, “You have the patience of a Saint.”

The man who fixed my tire and was involved all day in the seemingly endless series of mishaps said, “You must think we’re all idiots over here.”

Nothing could be further from the truth – I don’t really have the patience of a Saint and I don’t think anyone’s an idiot. My experience was so extreme, in terms of the number of things that could go amiss, that I could only know absolutely that there was some enormous gift to be harvested.

Whenever you are challenged, never doubt that your good is immediately at hand.
Never doubt, that the huge breakthrough, the great gift, is imminent. Without expectation, but with certainty, I believe that in our challenges, there is an opportunity for us to undo the negative belief, attachments and patterns of the past. When we can face the littlest challenges with peace and harmony then we can live a life of extraordinary good.

Most people, like I used to, miss the million opportunities to enjoy the day because of the tiny things that go “wrong.” Everything is always in Divine Order and who are we to question that. Amdist all the challenges of the day, I was still healthy, and happy. I still enjoyed a cappuccino, some delicious cheeses, I saw a gorgeous sunset and skies that were stormy and sunny. I got to walk over to Stonhenge and say hello to the stones. I was able to laugh with all the people who were trying to help me. I got to offer two classes that were beautiful and I feel quite certain that I healed a bunch of karma in total grace.

It wasn’t the day I had hoped for. It wasn’t the day I would have liked, but it was perfect just the same. What I am so grateful for is that I was happy all the way through. That’s a blessing!


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