Anticipation or Expectation?

June 12, 2013

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As a human being I have lived with a sense of expectation, which is attachment, and also anticipation which can seem more like a hope, a looking forward to. It feels valuable to recognize the difference between these two. As I expand my awareness and become more conscious I began to notice I was often anticipating something other than my good. I was actually mentally, standing in wait, in expectation of being let down and disappointed. And looking forward to being right about it. WOW!

My friend, Mark Warlick once wrote, “Ever notice how human it is to be disappointed because someone didn’t meet our expectation(s)? We have these internal scripts of how life should be, how situations should unfold, how we should be addressed, loved, compensated…. The list goes on and on.”

When I buy into these ego created scripts, I block the creativity of the Universe. I’m literally blocking the flow of Love. Every thought that has a SHOULD in it is a judgment and that stops the flow of Love in MY heart. Expectation is an attachment that creates a sense of limitation.

Anticipation, can also be a feeling of wonderful things about to happen. Like knowing there is a surprise just around the corner, but not knowing what the surprise is or what form it will take.

A feeling of dread can easily be turned into anticipation by a subtle change in my thinking. As part of my daily practice of nonviolence I am learning to anticipate my good and I practice being grateful in every moment. I am willing to believe that life has more good to offer than I could possibly imagine. I stand in anticipation of it and joy reveals itself in my mind.


I AM accepting the GOOD!


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