Faith Without Works is Dead

June 25, 2013

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Faith without works is dead” is one of my favorite reminders from the Holy Bible. Worry is the negative use of faith. It is a faith in a power that is opposed to Love. And yet there IS no power other than Love. So, worry is faith in NOTHING. And yet, “It IS done unto you as you believe.” That’s the immutable spiritual Law of Cause & Effect.

Even though every good spiritual student knows these spiritual facts, how many times a day do you hear yourself or some other spiritual student say “i’m worried about something.” What does that tell you?

Doubt is a belief in an alternate power. A Course in Miracles teaches us to lean not upon our own understanding. Instead we learn to “Partner UP!” That’s what I call it, and depend upon higher guidance. Yet, how many ACIM students don’t bother to invoke the Higher Holy Spirit Self except in times of desperation?

Each day, over and over again we can Partner Up! It brings so much benefit to turn inward and listen. To learn to recognize the inner voice of the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Many spiritual students struggle with this issue of faith and don’t even understand why. Many advanced spiritual students secretly believe that their own prayer power is limited, defective or failing. In this way, doubt leads to even more doubt!

Faith is a muscle. You strengthen it and then you have a resource to meet ANY challenge. Are you willing to build your faith muscle? Partner UP!

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