God’s Love Is My GPS

June 13, 2013

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There was a time when I really did not want to live anymore because I felt such despair about the quality of my life. I felt filled with a poisonous brew of fear, hurt, anger and envy. Every experience in my life invoked one of those four feelings. I was falling down a hole that I couldn’t get out of. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Every experience felt painful. Life was a nightmare. In the midst of this I discovered God, my inner GPS.

My way out of pain was to choose forgiveness, to choose love and compassion. I decided to choose love instead of resentment, blame and shame. At first I took the smallest of steps. I noticed that choosing love actually gave me a feeling that was uplifting. I added the practice of being grateful for my ability to see the choices. I felt even more uplifted, more aligned with God and I began to feel moments of profound joy.
I gathered strength and began to review the hurts and disappointments I’d stored up and stuffed down. I brought them out into the light of love and forgiveness and gave thanks for my practice and my increased awareness.

My GPS only points me in one direction: Love. Little by little I saw that the opportunity to choose love was always available. Over a course of years I so completely changed my experience of life that every day became miraculous. To my amazement, there was more light than dark in my life and I saw that anything was possible for me. Gary Renard extraordinary book Disappearance of the Universe teaches us that “[God’s] answers don’t come in the form of physical answers, they come to your mind in the form of guidance – an inspired idea –“

My practice has been deeply challenging at times, but it is not rocket science. It works. Choosing love always works.


I choose Love and Love chooses me!


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