Courage to Leap!

July 8, 2013

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In order to act out of love, many times, I must leap. Look first, then leap. Instead of leaping, sometimes I hesitate and stand on the precipice. I used to judge the situation and then fear would kick in and I’d decide to think about it some more before I take action. I needed to evaluate, mull, and consider the options.

I realized that more often than not, the plain truth was that I already knew what was to be done, and I desired to have clarity and courage to do it. I really did! What I so often lacked was the courage to leap. My heart told me to leap, my head said “Are you crazy? You could get hurt. Wait.” I waited and then moment passed me by.

In The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck writes, “When my patients lose sight of their significance and are disheartened by the effort of the work we are doing, I sometimes tell them that the human race is in the midst of making an evolutionary leap. ‘Whether or not we succeed in that leap,’ I say to them, ‘is your personal responsibility.’ And mine. The universe, this stepping-stone, has been laid down to prepare a way for us. But we ourselves must step across it, one by one.”

Today I accept my personal responsibility for the evolutionary leap of the human race to a higher consciousness. Today is a day ripe for leaping. I examine my life for places where my heart has told me to leap and my head has told me to wait and gather more evidence. Today I give my heart the final say and take a leap of faith. I leap and all of humanity is uplifted, for we are one, absolutely.

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