Love Doesn’t Test You

July 25, 2013

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People sometimes feel that God is testing them.  While I understand that feeling, I’ve come to shift my view from feeling TORTURED by the testing to feeling supported by it.  

In truth, I no longer believe God tests us in the old way I’ve thought about it.  

In part, this is because I don’t believe God is an old man who is fiendish in one moment and generous in another.  I love what Ernest Holmes writes in the Science of Mind about the nature of God as responsive and Loving, but not intercessory.  I believe that God is impersonal, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient – the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever without opinions, preferences or personality.  God is not human.  God is Intelligence.  God is Love.  For this reason I often use the words Love or Life or Universe or Spirit or Divine or Beloved rather than God.  

The Divine Mind of Love Intelligence does not test us.   However, I do believe that our Higher Holy Spirit Self – our own personal higher self does create situations and circumstances that help us to strengthen and purify and those experiences can feel like testing when I hold onto that which no longer serves me.  I now welcome the opportunity to clear out old patterns and perceptions through being strengthened.  When I take this view of my testing experiences I am grateful that my Spirit supports me by creating an opportunity for me to rise to my Divinity.  

Divine Love is unconditional.  What is there to test?  When I live a life of surrender, non-attachment and non-judgment then Life provides me wonderful opportunities, situations and circumstances that give me the opportunity to course correct, to build strong heart muscle, deep compassion and to purify my view of Life and Love.  I want that!  I’m grateful!

Sometimes I can be resistant, reluctant and just plain lazy.  However, that’s not a place I want to make my nest in.  Thank GOD my Higher Holy Spirit Self pushes me out of the nest when I forget it.  I was born to fly!  I prefer to fly!  When I forget, I welcome that push!  Grateful am I.  Whew and woo hoo!

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