Relationship Breakthrough!

July 21, 2013

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Yesterday’s Relationship Renewal class was excellent!! (click here to register for the download and replay – my gift to you!) I’m so grateful to all the people who asked such GREAT questions!

It’s so clear that you are ready to rock your transformation this summer! ME TOO!

I was reminded that so many people make a HUGE mistake in their relationships – maybe this is you! Have you been taught that sharing your feelings is so important to good communication? I certainly have been taught that! What I didn’t know was that if I’m blaming others for my feelings then there’s not a lot of good that come from the conversation.

Any time I’ve ever tried to have a conversation about my feelings with someone that I blamed for my feelings it didn’t go well. People deeply resent me putting the blame on them!

You cannot have a conversation with someone about your thoughts and feelings and expect it to bring you benefit unless you’re willing to take TOTAL responsibility for your feelings and actions.

Why would anyone want to talk with you if you’re just going to make them responsible for your upset? That’s co-dependency. Only people who want to be co-dependent with you or have the skills to talk you down from that perilous cliff can actually have a productive conversation with you when you’re in the mode of blame.

I’m so glad I learned to keep my mouth SHUT when I’m in judgement and blame. That was a first big step in my deep healing!

I invite you to take a listen to our call yesterday – it’s totally free – my gift to you! Click here to register for the download and replay!

Relationship healing is happening! My Finding Freedom 7 week spiritual bootcamp class has just started and already people are having miraculous breakthroughs in just a couple of days! WOW! This is the summer of ROCK & ROLL! We’re rocking our healing – and you can join me if you’re up for it. If it’s right for you – you’ll know! I invite you to read the testimonials and feel if you’re ready to ROCK this summer! Get your mind in shape now for the rest of your life!


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