Relationship Renewal

July 20, 2013

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Relationships are the place where we do our deepest healing work. Relationships present us the biggest challenges. Very often it seems like our relationships rip us apart, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The more challenging a relationship is, the more healing benefit there is in it.

The other day I was sharing with a new friend an experience I had with someone that was really challenging to me. At the time it really bothered me. I was upset because I couldn’t seem to stop judging this person. I felt so strongly that I was right and they were wrong. It was an issue related to money, and I really wanted to blame them for my experience of lack and limitation.

I kept going over it and over it in my mind. Haven’t you had that experience too? It’s like there’s a splinter in your mind and it’s sore and you can’t stop touching it!!

Finally, I put my spiritual foot down and said, “I’m not interested in this thinking anymore!! I am willing to receive the blessing in this experience NOW!!!”

I decided to completely release my judgment. I was totally sincere. In that moment, I felt the healing. I “heard” and felt my Higher Holy Spirit Self say to me “you’ll never have a worry about money again.” Phew!

You know what? I haven’t worried about money since then and I’ve been able to FEEL in the flow of Love and Abundance ever since then. Now, I absolutely know that my experience of lack and limitation was my own thinking of lack and attack showing up in form.

I love this teaching and I’m so grateful to walk this road with you. Everything is about relationships and today my free call is about Relationship Renewal. If you’re having relationship issues of ANY KIND please join me today for my BREAKTHROUGH CALL – Relationship Renewal is my topic. Please forward to a friend if you know someone who can benefit from joining us! Remember, if you cannot be there live to ask questions, you can get the download and replay later. This call is my gift to you!

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