Unlimited Life, Unlimited Love!

July 16, 2013

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The only thing that can ever imprison us on a spiritual level is our agreement to live in limitation. No one is forced to mentally agree to live in limitation. Even if your body is imprisoned, sick, and tortured your mind can still be free. That is your natural state.

History is filled with extraordinary stories of people who were physically imprisoned and who discovered true liberation through their experience. Prison became the pressure that turned their mind of dark coal into a diamond light. Think of Nelson Mandela. He’s told us that his liberation from prison didn’t happen until he was willing to see that violence was not the way and that peace was the only path of true liberation. It took him decades of sitting in prison to bust loose from the prison of his beliefs.
What was required for Mandela to bust loose from a life of limitation? Willingness. Willingness to step into the unprecedented Love that is the true nature of each of us. Our heart knows the way to find Freedom if we’re willing!

There are so many ways that you can convince yourself that you are not free and will never be free. Yet, no matter how convinced you are it will never, ever be true. Isn’t that wonderful? We are unlimited. We are LOVE!
Busting loose from fear is the topic of my radio show today. Join me online at Unity Online Radio (you can also get the smartphone app) or click here to get the downloads and podcast at iTunes.

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