Intelligence of Love

August 17, 2013

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“Now is the time to understand
That all of your ideas of right and wrong
Were just a child’s training wheels
To be laid aside
When you can finally live
With veracity
And love.”

From the poem “Now is the Time” in the book The Gift, poems by Hafiz, The Great Sufi Master

A whole life is worth so much more than a series of goals. I remember hearing Dr. Michael Beckwith say that spiritual people were the most ambitious of all because they wanted to change the whole world. Now, that’s a goal! How do I change the whole world? By living the life I was born to live. By consciously living to express my highest possibility of a loving and forgiving heart.

The training wheels have come off. I’ve begun to experience the veracity that Hafiz talked about in his poem. I’ve come to see, feel and know the infinite power that the Divine is as me. This is what I was born to express. Every day I’m expanding my ability to love and forgive through each moment, each situation, no matter how challenging. I’m discovering the unlimited capacity to love that God is as me. It is so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined.

I still get upset sometimes, I still have concerns and things that confuse me, but living for love has rendered me intelligent far beyond my previous understanding of intelligence. Love has a wisdom and an intelligence all its own and I’m learning to let it guide me.
The seeming security that a job, a relationship or financial wealth could give me is an illusion as compared to the real security that I feel every day now that I’ve committed to living for the opportunity to express love. I can’t help noticing that my work is more fulfilling, my finances are working and my relationships are healthy. All things are being added unto me.

Today I commit to an even greater expression of Divine Veracity in my life. I live for Love and my heart expands with every challenge. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lay aside my training wheels and fly on the wings of the Holy Spirit of Love. In this way I am a powerful stand for love in the world and the world is changed every moment that I stand in the veracity of my own choice for Love.

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