Maxwell Rest in Peace

August 24, 2013

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Maxwell Hadley was a very good dog. He has been a part of our family for nine years and he saw us through the worst of times during my Mom’s long illness and passing. He was right by her side the whole time, and by mine and my Dad’s as well.

Just the other day it became apparent to my Dad that Max was ill and when taken to the doctor, it was determined that Max was at the end with an inoperable tumor.

As you may know, I just came back from visiting my Dad and family in Maine and so I got to have some really wonderful quality time with Max.

During the time that my mother was so ill, Max was a tremendous support to us. I would go for a walk in the woods once or twice a day with him and that helped me so much. There were times when I had so much and such deep healing to do I would simply hug a tree or lie on the ground and Max would hold vigil while I prayed.

He was adamant about being right beside my mother and always being in the room with her when she was so sick. When the hospice nurses would come and kick him out so they could bathe my Mom or give her an exam, Max had to be dragged from the room. He’d wait with nose pressed under the crack of the door, whimpering until they let him back in. When my mom was still able to walk, just barely, with assistance, he would walk beside her just barely touching her to help guide her and strengthen her. He’d walk beside her in case she fell he could be there to help break her fall.

When my Mom flew off with the angels, Max carried her slipper around for a good while.

Max was a true friend. The very best of companions.

I feel so grateful for his love and support through the worst times of my life. No matter what, he was always willing to play or to cuddle. Unless it was raining, he was always up for a walk.

i’m really glad that when i was with him last week I gave him lots of tasty treats. I’m also glad I took him on some of his favorite walks, even the ones where he’d get all wet and muddy and I had to wash him off. I’m glad I gave him massages and cuddled with him. What a precious being.

You never know when someone will be with you for the last time in this lifetime. Love them as much as you can, while you can! It’ll never be a waste of time!



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