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August 18, 2013

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If you hear a “voice in your head” that’s preparing a defense or an attack then you can recognize that you’re lost touch with the NOW moment. If you’re thinking about defending yourself or attacking someone else, you’re actually aligned with the ego. It’s like you’re now listening to the Radio Station KPFS which stands for “Keep Planning my Future Suffering.” Fantasizing about what you WOULD say in the future means focusing upon your unhappiness with the past and adding logs to that fire. There’s NO benefit, only more detriment. AND, fortunately, it’s SURE sign that you’re not in the flow of Love.

The habit of tuning in to KPFS has NO tangible benefit whatsoever and can QUICKLY be replaced with the habit of choosing Love – if you’re willing!

If you’d rather prepare a defense, an attack, if you’d prefer to keep reviewing the past, or fantasize about the future rather than accept the gift of Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Wholeness, Harmony, Peace, Creativity, Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Purity, Clarity and Affluence that IS being offered to you right now …. then it’s time to stop and rethink what is motivating you. (You might look at my Spiritual Espresso from yesterday with more on that)

I’ve been amazed at how quickly I can replace a self-destructive habit or thought with a positive one. Willingness truly is the key. To let go of the past, the thoughts of lack and attack, you have to be willing to recognize how much they’re costing you.

Choosing thoughts of lack, attack and fantasy are like eating nourishment reducing foods that leach your life-force. A lot of spiritual students are focused on lack, attack and fantasy while then complaining that they’re reading all these spiritual books and listening to all these spiritual teachers they’re still not getting what they want.

Spiritual Truth is this: You already HAVE everything you think you want – it’s in your consciousness HIDDEN underneath all the thoughts of lack, attack and fantasy.

Purify your thinking by choosing Love and the kingdom will reveal its self where it’s always been. YOU are the Kingdom. Only your willingness to accept that allows you to experience it. Release the thoughts of lack and replace them with gratitude that you already HAVE the Kingdom and you’re willing to REVEAL it!

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