Be Mighty in Love

November 12, 2013

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Do you remember the cartoon Mighty Mouse? I used to watch that show when I was a kid. The concept is this tiny, weak, mousy, insignificant creature has the amazing power of a super hero. That’s ME. That’s YOU!

When we’re identified with the ego – we believe we’re insignificant, bad, wrong, unworthy, but it’s not true. We’ve just FORGOTTEN that we’re a powerful super hero of LOVE. How do we remember? We’ve got to flex that muscle!

One simple thing that I forgot for most of my life is this:

I forgot to be wiling to be mighty in LOVE!!!

I completely forgot who I was and became the judger, the attacker, the complainer. I got into a GIANT groove of managing and coping with problems. Have you ever done that? Have you ever gotten so focused on running to keep up with the problems that you never actually got to focus on HEALING them? Been there, did that and built a whole town there. Ugh.

I was always looking outside myself. ALWAYS. I was really enamored of trying to make the world a better place. I became focused on trying to change things in the world and MAKE things happen. EXHAUSTING!

What changed everything for me is that I decided to be MIGHTY in my heart. Of course, you know what comes next in the story – I began to feel like I was being tested.

I wasn’t being tested at all. I was being given the opportunity to build the muscle of being dedicated to LOVE.

God is relentless.
Love is relentless.

I saw how poorly I held my intention. I was such a weakling! I would collapse at the slightest challenge and go right into attack, complain, blame and shame. I had that happen about 10,000 times EACH WEEK and then I DECIDED that I desired the ability to be like a super hero of the heart and so I started to take each challenge like a training session. I started to say to my Higher Holy Spirit Self

“I’m in.
I’m all in for Love and I AM doing this!
I may stumble and fall and scrape my elbow.
I might run and hide from time to time, but I’m NOT GIVING UP.
I AM doing this!
It IS being done by me!
I AM that I AM and I cannot fail.
My destiny is to awaken to Love and I AM doing this!”

It wasn’t easy, but NOW it is SO much easier and I’m profoundly grateful that I made the decision to BE MIGHTY. Best decision I ever made.

I made the decision to unleash my inner super hero. I took as my models: Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, St. Francis, Mother Mary, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and I asked them to walk with me and talk with me and never leave me. I asked them to show me how. I called upon all of heaven to help me, because I felt weak and forgetful. I leaned into my ancestors and the angels and I Partnered UP! And I still do. Every day.

Now, right now in my Finding Freedom class and my Masterful Living class people are doing this work with me. We’re doing it together. It’s not easy for ANY of us, but amazing breakthroughs are happening. Here are just some of the things that people have said in Finding Freedom class and we only started a couple of days ago! You can join us right now and jump in – take a look at a SAMPLE of what folks are saying after just the first class:
“I had to cry from gratitude … This is amazing!”

“I have no words to describe all that this wonderful class has done and is doing for me. Thank you deeply Rev Jennifer and classmates. Each day is such a gift as I partner up with HHSS.

“This is such a beautiful group…so much love and support flowing from everyone. It is as if there is this collective heart that keeps getting bigger and bigger and surrounds everyone with its healing, love and grace.”

“I had been on the fence and making excuses for NOT taking the class, but I continued to tune in to every free class Jennifer offered. I finally signed up on November 5th. No more excuses.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jennifer. I’ve been saying I AM doing this and it’s been making a difference – I’ve listened to our first class numerous times now and it’s sobering and wonderful at the same time.”

“I really found out that only LOVE heals.”

“Feeling so blessed to be joining with so many like-minded people.”

“After a lifetime of pushing density I realized the greatest gift I can give myself this year is freedom to be who I was created to be.”
“I have thought about taking this class for over a year and am SO glad I am finally in it.”

What’s your plan for HEALING this year? Do you have one? If not, join us!

If you have ANY feeling that my Finding Freedom class is your next step – join us! People join us all throughout the entire class – people even join when the class is over. You will know if this is right for you. Trust that.

Regardless of whether or not you’d like my support – decide to BE MIGHTY.
You can do this.
Everything is designed to help you.
You cannot fail.
Spirit cannot fail.
If it seems like you make an error and chose fear instead of Love, choose Love in that moment so you can harvest the learning and get back to BEING MIGHTY.

Your mightiness is your true nature. Love is the source of all strength. The kingdom IS within. It’s pre-installed. You CAN do this! Be willing! You don’t need my help. You have everything within you. Go for it!

If you’d like to join us in my Finding Freedom class then please click here to register now. I have an array of payment plans and can even make one that suits you. If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it.

Always Remember:
There is a power in YOU that is greater than anything in this world!


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