When the Ego Drives Your Spiritual Practice

November 7, 2013

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For many spiritual students, the ego is driving their spiritual practice. Yet, the ego cannot get you to awakening. The ego will not do it. The ego will always quit on anything that’s really going to get you over the hump to identify with Love.
The ego is only in it for the ego. The ego is a like a blood-sucking insect that will ride you, use you up and kill you to keep it’s hold on humanity.
The ego will talk you out of spiritual practice, and then if you’re determined to do it anyway, the ego will try to tell you how to do it. The ego always thinks it knows best!
It entices you with special relationships and false idols and constant distractions about how the world can make you happy or unhappy. It is all toxic smoke and not-so-fun-house mirrors. In other words, it’s totally fake. It’s nothing. It has no power of it’s own. It’s only power is the belief that you invest in it. That is it’s only fuel.
More and more I’m learning not to feed the ego. Don’t feed it! Let it dissolve so that you can be YOU!


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